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30 Rock Review

"Whoever the actress was playing "Knob Kardashian" deserves an Emmy for her pitch-perfect Kardashian whine."
-AV Club

Human Painkiller
written and performed by Violet Krumbein at Upright Citizen's Brigade

"A failed activist seeks redemption as a Human Painkiller to the dying old Mr. Williams. Will her unorthodox methods of healing be successful? Violet Krumbein sings, tap dances, and plays all the characters, including the gel-filled Happy Fun Glove, in this disturbing, hilarious, and bizarre tale."

"Did I mention that I never stopped barking with laughter? I hate to do those if-this-person-and-that-person-had-a-baby etc., but here goes: she has the child-like staring-contest-winning confidence of Andy Kaufman; the anti-polish and audacity of any John Waters regular circa *Pink Flamingos*; and yet beneath the insta-friendliness and endearing eccentricity, she has all the crowd-pleasing impulses of Sandra Bernhard on a very bad day. Thus she is a master of comedy - but comedy on her own terms."
Stan Richardson -

"Dazzling. Startling. Laugh-out-loud hilarious. Violet Krumbein's one-woman romp is called Human Painkiller, and for good reason, because I'm not sure how anyone can still feel pain after a half-hour with Krumbein, unless you're hurting from laughing so much."
Sean McCarthy -

"Violet Krumbein creates a world where hilariously insensitive characters interact with a cloying protagonist who just wants to make people happy. Violet Krumbein IS the human painkiller.
Abbi Crutchfield -